Suggestions to lose weight and transform your life

lose weight

There’s a new power couple on the block, Chris and Heidi Powell. They are the former hosts of ABC’s hit show, Extreme Weight Loss. This dynamic duo has one mission in life, to help you get fit and healthy. If losing weight and feeling healthy seems like a long lost reality, then this article is for you. Yeah, you can lose belly fat without exercise.

Chris and Heidi have found the secret to losing weight and keeping it off. But they don’t want to keep this a secret any longer; they want to share it with you. You might be thinking-it is all about exercise and sweating it out at the gym. No! Their advice is all about what you need to do before pulling your sneakers out of the closet.

Here is Chris and Heidi’s top 4 suggestions to transform your life and lose those unwanted extra pounds.

Jump-start weight loss with water

You might be thinking, “water again but I already know this!” The truth is water is one of the key factors for losing weight. Why?

Experts have shown that, one out of ten times, dehydration causes fatigue and exhaustion. So next time, you wake up feeling tired and with zero energy to get yourself to the gym, it is most likely caused by dehydration.

To make matters worse, our brain often mixes up the signal for letting you know it’s thirsty by telling you it is hungry. This certainly isn’t going help you drop those tires around your waistline.

Chris suggests that if you have a hard time drinking water, follow his 10-gulp rule. He says, “Every time you reach for your water bottle, don’t stop drinking until you drink 10 big gulps of water, this will help you stay hydrated all day long”.

Your kitchen is the key to a toned body

No matter how much exercise we do, it is impossible to out-exercise an unhealthy diet. Why? Eating out is very convenient and means no dishwashing. But many studies have shown when we eat out, we tend to eat larger portions and make food choices that are jam-packed with fat and calories. This means more calories to burn off.

When cooking our meals at home, we are able to control the quality of ingredients we use. Since we are preparing the food, we pay more attention to how much and what we are eating.

Studies show that people who eat at home have a healthier weight and lifestyle as opposed to those who often eat most their meals out.

One of the bonus points is that cooking and prepping our meals thinking about losing weight, means we are doing a light physical activity, so we are burning calories.

Baby steps

In an ideal world, we could transform our bodies at a snap of a finger but the sad reality is that this type of transformation takes time and effort.

To avoid becoming discouraged at not seeing quick results, make little changes in your daily routine. For example, one-week change-try and drink more water, the following week start your day off with a protein shake.

By making mini-goals, you will feel like you are progressing. Remember that these baby steps will change your life.

Hide your scale

Chris and Heidi suggest weighing yourself once a week or every other week. Why?

Day by day, our weight fluctuates back and forth, so it can be very discouraging to see one day we weigh less and then the next day we weigh more.

Choose one day a week to weigh yourself. Try and weigh yourself at the same time each time, to see the real results. This will avoid an emotional roller-coaster ride with your scale.

So what are you waiting for? Put these suggestions into practice today and begin to transform your life.


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