Kim Kardashian’s secret diet is finally revealed

Kim Kardashian is one of the most photographed women in the world’s history. People worldwide have heard of her remarkable weight loss. She went from being overweight to drop-dead gorgeous in a short matter of time.

Social media, such as Instagram is full of before/after pictures of Kim’s drastic weight loss. These pictures are motivating millions worldwide to loss those unwanted pounds and giving them the confidence that they can finally have victory over the never-ending battle with our weight.

She was even able to lose that unwanted baby weight after having two stunning babies. But what is her secret? How could she loose the weight so fast and keep it off? In this article we will discuss how to lose weight, Kim Kardashian style.

Kim Kardashian's secret diet

Get your mind on board

Kim says with other diets, she would always give up shortly after beginning. After mediating on the reason for her lack of will power, she came to the conclusion that her mind wasn’t on board before starting the diet.

Studies show that shifting our mindset to lose weight is the key factor in losing weight, some activities like yoga can help. It is almost impossible to lose weight without having an inner resolve. In other worlds, you need to educate yourself as to why you need to get healthier and drop that extra weight.

Say goodbye to bad carbs

Her diet is all about replacing bad carbs with good carbs. Her diet basically eliminates all refined carbs, but that is not so difficult considering eating whole-unprocessed foodsis the norm in this day and age.

To jump-start her diet, she begins by doing a light detox to prepare her body for losing weight. This step is also important as it sends a message to the brain that from that day forward, you will be eating healthier.

2-day detox: Day one the detox diet consists of brown rice, beans, broccoli and wild shrimp. For day two the diet in almost the same expect she swamped the broccoli with cooked organic spinach and the shrimp for chicken.

This diet concentrates on one of the golden rules of weight loss, which is to eat proteins at least 3 times a day. Since protein causes us to feel full longer, henceforth, being able to control hunger pains.

When choosing carbs, the diet encourages eating high-fiber carbs such as: whole-wheat flours, rolled oats, all types of seeds. Fiber will improve your digestion and provide energy.

Say hello to exercise

In order for any diet program to be effective, it is necessary to give your heart a workout. Kim’s diet plan is no different from other diets in this aspect.

She concentrates on working the gluteus by running up and down stairs, also weightlifting and jump rope. Experts say by following a strict routine of these exercises, you would see dramatic results in less than 3 months.

As with most exercise routines, the secret is giving it your all and being consistent to see the desired results.

Expert reviews on Kim Kardashian’s diet

This diet give miraculous results in a short period of time, but it does require strict discipline to see them. We just have to look at Kim today; she has lost more than 70 pounds after giving birth to her two children and recuperated her stunning figure.

C. Heimowitz, a specialist in nutrition, highly recommends this diet because of its practicality. There are so many diets out there that eliminate all types of carbs and which guarantees weight loss but also gaining it back as soon as the diet is stopped. Kim’s diet balances whole foods with proteins, guaranteeing long-term weight loss.

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