Kim Kardashian’s new KKW fragrance causes a social media frenzy

One November 15 of this year, through Instagram, the main star of “KUWTK” announced the launch of her new fragrance to the world. Kim published a gorgeous black and white photograph of herself, which was taken by the well-known photographers Mert & Marcus. This self-portrait revealed at the bottom, the day of her new perfume’s launch date, making her beauty empire even larger.

From the beginning of last month, this celebrity has been sharing allusive pictures alluding to her fragrance. Kim shared a picture of some white orchids and labeling another account called @kkwfragrance, which she shared instantly on her account on Instagram. From that day forward, she continued posting self-portraits of herself with red roses while wearing elegant gowns that showed off her new fragrance with crystals in the background to represent the new perfumes style.

This isn’t the first time that this celebrity has adventured into the fragrance section of the beauty world. Previously, she has promoted four different types of perfumes under her name. But with KKW Fragrance it is different because Kim has been involved in the process each step of the way, including the creatively. Also, this new launch was made under a new brand of cosmetics KKW Beauty that will make a drastic change in the cosmetic and beauty world.

Origins of the KKW Fragrance

Kim shared a picture of some white orchids and labeling another account called @kkwfragranceThe fragrance Crystal Gardenia has a touch of citrus, water lilies, tiara and tuberose flowers, a touch of warm scented barks and other exotic flowers along with the touch of a celebrity. It also has a total of three different essences: Crystal gardenia, crystal gardenia citrus and crystal gardenia oud.

In an interview with the magazine WWD, Kim expressed that her fragrance line is alll about feeling “calm and secure”, and that his has been her main project since being robbed in Paris.

The bottle’s shape has a certain meaning for West, “I wanted a perfume that I could hold in my hand like a curing crystal that sends out a positive vibe and energy.”

Kim Kardashian, in another interview, commented on the fact that the idea for this fragrance occurred to her when one of her friends gave her a curing crystal. It was to help her find peace after the robbery that left her feeling quite shook up and nervous. Kim emphasized that she only wanted a bottle that had a minimalist design but at the same time look like a piece of art.

Using social media has done the whole promoting process. “This is the first time a fragrance has been sold the way that I am doing it,” explained Kim in her interview.

The celebrity was quite excited when presented with the opportunity to launch her perfume digitally, “Concerning social media and being able to reach so many people at once, I believe it will sell. I tried to make a classic product but at the same time, I wanted it not to be just another celebrity perfume.” Kim affirmed the same in another interview with

Even though it has been a few hours since the existence of her fragrance, it has been completely sold out within the first few minutes of being launched, all thanks to advertising online. The same occurred with her line of cosmetics, which required Kim to place a sold out sign on her webpage within 20 minutes of launching her product line.

If you have an opportunity to buy Kim’s new perfume, don’t waste a minute’s time before she runs out of stock again. Upon receiving it, you will enjoy a fresh unique fragrance with a note of sweet, citrus flowers. It is ideal for all types of women that desire to express their presence, leaving those around them in awe. Just go to the page for and you can order the perfume for whenever you desire.

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