Do heatless rollers really work?

With so much information about how heat and chemical treatments are destroying our hair, we have gone out to search for other styling options. We are not referring to just pulling your hair back into a simple ponytail or bun. But how we can style our long locks without using our beloved hairdryer, flat iron, etc. Sounds impossible, right?

After searching long and hard, trying countless worthless products that fell short of their promises. We stumbled across a new product called Sleep Styler. These heatless rollers really pulled through on every single one of their promises, leaving our hair looking polished and put together each morning.

Do heatless rollers really work?

How do they work?

They are made from a supper soft memory form and a flexible yoga material. The core of the roller comes with a strap that fastens at the bottom with Velcro. The damp hair is wrapped around the core and then fastened at the bottom. In the morning you just quickly slide the roller out, and out comes perfectly formed curls or waves, depending how tightly you wrapped your hair around the core.

As you can see, it is very easy but sounds to good to be true. We thought so too, so we decided to put these heatless rollers to the test by using them on several different types of hair. Such as fine, thin hair to kinky, frizzy, curly hair. What were the results?

There were amazing on all types of hair. We noticed that with shorter hair, about chin length it didn’t provide enough hair to appreciate the fullness of the curls, but it did add extra wave and body. We recommend Sleep Styler for longer hair such a shoulder length or more for the best results.

So the verdict is in, if you are looking for a heatless styling method, this is the only one that you should consider. It will leave you looking fantastic within minutes each day without expensive blowouts or chemical treatments.

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