4 proven strategies to lose weight quickly and safely

Are you trying to lose weight but are unsure where to begin? Just look at the history of @djtartaruga from Brazil, to be inspired, who lost more than 100 pounds and winning the obesity battle once and for all.

For many individuals it can seem like an impossible feat and challenge for losing weight when the scale seems to be against them. But just as DJ was able to reach his ideal body weight, so can you. You can lose those extra pounds around your waist that are preventing you from getting most out of your life and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

It will require you to set priorities in your life and get yourself out of your comfort zone that caused you to gain that extra weight in the first place. DJ Tartartuga made the decision to take control of his life and change it for the better. You can do the same by starting a clean slate as of today.

All you need to do is eliminate eating certain foods and add others that will burn that unwanted fat for losing those extra pounds. Plus, you will need to be physically active as of today, just keep reading to have a practical guide to help you start losing weight that same way as DJ.

Tartaruga was born in the city of Rio, Brazil and today is notorious for electronic music. His popularity in the world of nightlife is due to his style and the combination of diverse types of musicals, but he has become more renowned for drastically changing his appearance in a few months.

This is due to the fact that by changing his lifestyle he was able to lose more than 100 pounds. This thrilled his fans as they observed the specular physical changes that his body shows us today.

He stated that the nightlife and his obligations related to his work environment lead him to have a sedentary lifestyle. On top of that, his busy work schedule made him lose interest in exercising and his tight schedule forced him to eat unhealthy.

But because of health problems, he decided to change his lifestyle for a healthy one. He took control of his life by controlling his diet. Doctor Liliam Texeira gave him practical suggestions in following a balanced diet.

From that point on, he began down the road to weight loss; thanks to the help of a nutritionist, he was able to make radical changes in his life.

4 proven tips for losing those extra pounds

Obesity and being overweight has become a worldwide health concern. If you are looking for a solution for this health problem, there is no need to panic, as you can find helpful suggestions below that actually work:

1) Change your eating habits: Eliminate sweets and fast food permanently from your diet. Make sure you pantry is packed with whole grains and fresh vegetables. Also eat plenty of fresh fruits and lean proteins such as fish, chicken or turkey. Eggs are a must, as they will become your best friend for your breakfasts.

2) Keep moving: DJ Tartaruga preferred swimming, cycling with intense racing and long walks, which allowed him to burn the maximum amount of calories. Once he lost 100 pounds, his specialist gave him a weight-lifting program to strengthen and define his muscles.

3) Say goodbye to alcohol: This is specially important while you are trying to lose fat as it will keep you focused and avoid consuming empty calories.

4) Keep your stress levels low: For DJ, it is was fundamental to change his daily routine and make sure he could get enough sleep each day to recuperate his lost energy during the work day. He had to add long hours for sleep into his schedule. Stress causes our weight loss to plateau, which is something, we need to avoid at all costs.

As you can notice, weight loss doesn’t just require changing our bad eating habits but also our physical habits too. Losing weight healthily depends on your ability to change to change your mentality towards what you consider to be healthy.

Losing weight depends on your desire to not only look better but also feel better, but you need to remember that this will not happen over night. Just as DJ was able to lose 100 pounds, you too can do the same with consistency and determination to have your ideal body.

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